Sunday, 19 December 2010

Stuck at Heathrow?

For those of you stuck at Heathrow, you have my utmost sympathies. You are the victims of a massive cognitive dissonance which has gripped the political world for some time. This failure of intellect has resulted in a lack of planning for cold weather events, and failure to prepare for the current Arctic blast. It is the reason why there is insufficient equipment to deal with the current, and well predicted, inclement weather.

Do not call some poor kid in a 'customer care' call centre and burn their ears off because it's not their fault.

Do not kick out at desk staff, who did not make the decisions leading to you, or your loved ones, being stuck waiting for a flight that isn't going to take off.

Do not even blame British Airways or BAA (Yes I know, a big WTF! on that one) They have all been misled.

The people to blame are those who vociferously advocated that the world is warming uncontrollably because of man made Carbon Dioxide emissions. People like James Hansen of Nasa. Jones, Briffa and Trenberth of Hadley CRU. People who have stood up and insisted, despite all evidence to the contrary, that we're all doomed because the world is warming. They are the guilty parties. The Gores, Suzukis, WWF'ers, Greenpeace, 10:10. Their names are all public domain. The Camerons, Browns, Blairs Huhnes and Cleggs. The EU. The left of centre activists. Those who politicised the Met Office. Every single one of the patronising bastards who patted you on the head and said "Don't be a silly Denier. We know better than you.". Those are who to vent your spleen at, not the poor sods on the front line trying to do a job deprived of the right tools by political dogma.


Anonymous said...

I tell you, this global warming is gonna be the death of us....

Newfoundland Frozen Waves

.... I know, it was 2008, so we've probably got a little warmer since then of course.....


Ed P said...

It's all the fault of Ferrovial, who own BAA. Chronic underinvestment, especially in cold weather gear (after all, it doesn't snow much in Spain) from this greedy company have left Heathrow with little more than a man and a shovel.

Bill Sticker said...

I blame the people who lobbied and pressured that the world is warming purely because of CO2 emissions against mounting evidence to the contrary. I also blame those who believed them.

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