Thursday, 30 December 2010

Katla update 30th December

Daily visit to the Icelandic Met Office website earthquake page. Just observed this change in tremors from the subsurface burbling that has set in under the much vaunted Icelandic Volcano Katla over the past few months. From having settled into a routine of small scale tremors between 100m to 1Km below the surface, the tremor activity sank to 5km down. Does this mean the magma chamber is filling, draining, or in the fashion of a large coffee percolator, mean there is a surge of magma coming from below? Anyone got any ideas?

As usual, caveats about 'tremors on their own mean little' apply.


Angry Exile said...

Off topic, I know, but you're tagged to describe your blogging environment.

Happy New Year.

Ed P said...

Katya's elevation map shows a sill at 5km depth, so it's likely this is the source. There goes the neighbourhood!

Happy New Year

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