Saturday, 18 December 2010

Cameron is right, but then he's very wrong as well

Heard about this speech on energy security from David Cameron, Prime Minister of somewhere or other in Europe. Some little principality or other that is effectively under direct rule from Brussels.

"The fact is, we've got a very clapped-out electricity generating capacity"
Fine. with you so far. Out of date Power Stations and infrastructure in need of replacement. Very cogent thinking there.
Here's where it all goes horribly wrong; "that is pumping carbon into the atmosphere and we need to replace it."
Replace the carbon? Carbon particulates, Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide? Carbon Buckyballs? Or replace the power generation infrastructure?
Oh dear. "What we want is green, reliable, cheap electricity, and we're not leaving that to chance. We're setting out policies today that will deliver that.
More windmills and Solar panels? More inefficient, subsidy hungry pipe dreams based on the discredited postulation that the world is warming uncontrollably and it's all our fault?
They'll also have the spin-off advantage of helping to make Britain one of the greenest places for green energy, for green electricity" for green investment and crucially for green jobs anywhere in the world."
Ooo, oo, I know the answer to this one! Spain, anyone? Hey, haven't 'Green' jobs been a real success story over there, eh?
This has to be the definition of insanity. Repeating the same action again and again in defiance of what's actually happening in the real world.

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