Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy new blogging environment

Having been bid a Happy New Year by my comrade in words, the Angry Exile, here's my entry on the blogging environment meme thingy. Working from right to left;
  • Scanner
  • Hunting goods catalogue
  • Work cap
  • Receipts
  • Corporate information packs
  • Visitors cards
  • 3 shelves
  • Legal and letter size brown envelopes
  • Letter size 75gsm paper
  • Empty T-shirt tin (Reads 'Multi-tasking male - experimental model only)
  • 2 out of date 2010 calendars
  • 30 assorted magazines
  • Webcam
  • 17" Desktop Screen
  • 2 PC speakers
  • Desktop tower unit
  • 4 port USB hub
  • The only extant copy of 'The Sky full of Stars' by John Morrow
  • Empty packing box for above
  • 'Age and Guile' by P J O'Rourke
  • 'Long dark tea time of the soul' by Douglas Adams
  • 'Brewing Quality Beers' by Byron Burch
  • 'Name of the Game' by Steve Schall
  • BCAA Maps for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
  • BCAA Guide books for; Western Canada and Alaska, Ontario, Atlantic Provinces and Quebec, Arkensas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, Also North Central.
  • Various local maps for BC, Ontario, Quebec Ctiy, Montreal, Victoria, Toronto
  • 2010 Backroad offroad Mapbook for Vancouver Island
  • 2 Baskets full of defunce pens and old receipts
  • USB Port drinks warmer
  • Rack of assorted paperwork
  • 18"x24" Magnetic Whiteboard with black pen
  • Bin
  • HP Inkjet Printer
  • 5 Gang power socket
  • Window
  • Map of Vancouver Island
  • Nautical Map of same
  • Guest bed 78"x50" with turned wood head and footboards
  • Mrs S's Desk with 24" screen, Mouse, Mouse pad, desk lamp, Microsoft Keyboard, 3 shelf unit with cordless phone handset, Magazines, 3 drawer plastic shelf unit, BC Certification
  • Toshiba L510 laptop
  • Jar of pens and pencils
  • 2 A5 ring bound Notebooks
  • Map of Canada
  • 2011 planner
  • Beige carpet
  • Large shredder
  • 3 small laptop bags
  • 8"x12"x6" cardboard box lined with white kitchen bin bag
  • Internal white painted door 78"x 36"
  • Mirrored closet door 78"x50" (Two panels)
  • Wooden swivel chair in dark pine
  • Wooden 'carver' style chair in light pine
That's it. Now I'm off for a large drink that is going to last clear through into 2011. TTFN.

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