Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I'm currently hovering over the online flight trackers watching the status of a particular flight out of Heathrow. Why? I have close family on board. When they arrive in Vancouver they have a small task to perform. When that task is done they will be freer than they were, and all the efforts and expense of the past five years will have proven worth every nanosecond.

Five years of my life putting up with a whole heap of inconvenience and tribulation to help realise a dream. Everything rolling down to one transatlantic flight. Now I'm not a religious man, irreverent certainly, as God himself knows, but in this particular agnostic foxhole is someone pleading "If there is someone who can help, would you...... please?" Clocks are ticking in all sorts of ways, and the suspense is almost killing.

If all goes well, there will be no posting on this blog for at least forty eight hours. If not, in the silence you may hear my heart breaking.


The Filthy Engineer said...

Hope it goes well Bill

Nigel Sedgwick said...

In a distinctly light-hearted mood, I would like to question the validity of London to Vancouver being 'transatlantic'.

Best regards

delcatto said...

Good luck Bill.

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