Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Moon over the water

Big, butter fat full moon last night that lit up the islands to the South-east. Fabulous. Mrs S and I took turns examining it via our in house spotter scope which we took out onto the deck for a little celestial nosiness.

Our planets major satellite looks so different through a telescope, so much sharper, the angle slightly different, craters pocking the edge in sharp relief for that truly 3D experience. To repeat that tired old superlative, 'awesome'. Hadn't got the camera attachment fitted yet, so no pics, but it was glorious. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Now that chunk of rock has been around in it's current form, more or less, for far longer than our petty, squabbling little species, and that thought tends to drop your mental feet firmly onto bedrock. It reminds you how small we are, and how big the cosmos is. Too small for the eco-whacko's with their scary CO2 driven senile drivel declaring 'war' on people who disagree with shutting the world down rather than addressing the real issues of clean air and water, and not some farcical 'climate' fantasy which only puts money into the pockets of an unaccountable elite.

The moon will be orbiting Earth aeons after we as a species are long gone. You can do what you like; have a tokenistic shutting down of lights, suspend democracy to get your own muddle headed way, throw other people's money away on it, even shoot people because they disagree with you. Won't change a thing in the long run. The climate will do what it does for other reasons apart from CO2, and nothing the pro AGW lobby can do will change that.

Right. Time for tea and some more stargazing later tonight. Priorities, Bill, priorities. I've got a bedroom to redecorate this Easter weekend.

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