Monday, 8 March 2010

Monckton, Plimer, Redfearn & Brooke at the Brisbane institute

Brooke + Readfearn / Monckton + Plimer from Manda Chuva on Vimeo.

A proper climate change debate, a bit long at 89 minutes, but informative nonetheless. Redfearn was out of order for making sidelong personal attacks when the whole idea was to debate the science. Plimer was also mocking of the other side. The only people to come out on top were Monckton and Brooke, who debated the subject, not the personalities.

Errata: Apologies for getting Redfearn and Brooke mixed up. Smacked wrists.

Update: Monckton seemed to come out on top as he actually explained what he was doing rather than taking Brooke's "It's far too complicated for non-specialists to understand, I'm the expert." Plimer should have stuck to explaining his work rather than the personal jabs. As for Redfearn; well, he came across as a propagandist, nothing more.

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