Monday, 15 March 2010

Watching the Eagles at Sunrise

Love this new spotter scope we've been lent. Sunrise this morning found me gazing out over Round Island, noting that both local nesting pairs of Bald Eagles were roosting over there for a change.

Watched a red hulled Fisheries vessel pootle down towards Thetis. Been a lot of them recently. Normally speaking we hardly see them, but for the past few days they've appeared to be aggressively patrolling the Narrows and inner passage. There's a conservation area south of Round Island to the bottom of Link, and I suppose with the current runs of fish, they're making sure the local fishermen don't stray where they shouldn't.

Did have a look at the news from over the water, but all I can see is the same shit, different day. New Labours political scorched earth policy making life ever more restrictive and unpleasant for the UK's inhabitants. I suppose the Fabian scumbuckets think they can't win the next election so they'll fuck the country just to make trouble for the next government. I'm sure the Tories are aware of this, and if they win an overall majority they'll be taking on a real poison chalice. Happened in the 70's, and despite all hope to the contrary it's happening again.

Quite frankly I can't be arsed to get angry with it any more. My ties with the UK are growing ever more tenuous and there's much less to get peeved about this side of the world. Apart from the long wait for Immigration to do their thing and tick our final box.

In the meantime I shall fill the non-working time watching Bald Eagles and taking long walks to fill the unforgiving minute.

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