Friday, 12 March 2010

What's not to like?

One cool piece of kit which beats the hell out of the snowblowers they sell at Canadian Tire and elsewhere. The speed this webcam equipped robot can clear sidewalks looks awesome. My brother in law, who lives in Minnesota (Where they know about snow and cold) says he wants one for next Winter. He might even make a few extra bucks hiring it out.

Nor was there a clipboard to be seen, or 'elf 'n safety officer involved in its making.

H/T Scoakat


Angry Exile said...

It very much appeals to my inner gadget head, though I think I'd have a hard time justifying getting one to Mrs Exile. But what's with the porn music at the start?

Bill Sticker said...

No idea, you'd have to ask the guys who made the vid.

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