Saturday, 27 March 2010

Human Achievement Hour

As opposed to those sad, ignorant, metaphorically hair shirt wearing people who want to drag humankind back to the bad old days, I shall have all the lights and appliances on this evening. However, I hold no animosity towards those who want us all to switch off, and will invite any of the aforementioned visitors in, while I enthuse about living in a golden age where, oo, lets see;

Few people in our society are starving.
No one (Extreme Naturists aside) goes without clothes on their back, or shoes on their feet.
Travel is relatively safe and easy.
There is clean air where once it was hard to breathe.
The lame are no longer bedridden for life.
There is plenty where once starvation reigned. Sadly not true everywhere, but nobody's perfect.
Humankind can keep the worst of the elements at bay through advanced construction.
We send craft out to explore the local cosmos.
We have machines to delve into the secrets of time and space itself.
We can light and heat entire cities at the mere turning of switches.
When disaster strikes we can quickly come to the aid of those less fortunate.
We can span the mightiest rivers, tunnel under the sea and sculpt mountains.
We can explore those mountains and rivers in relative safety with modern equipment; Kayaking down those mighty rivers, travelling those trackless forests, and going where no man has ever gone before.
All made possible by human enterprise and effort. All life choices are ours.
This should be celebrated.

This is what the whining, credulous, guilt ridden fools want us to give up on the back of their dodgy belief system? I don't think so.

Ross McKitrick co-demolisher of Manns 'Hockey stick' has this to say on the subject of 'Earth Hour'

H/T to Dick Puddlecote for the human achievement hour graphic and Small Dead Animals for the Ross McKittrick article.

Oh, and just for comparison;

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