Sunday, 7 March 2010

Well there's an event I missed

Apparently there was a naked bungee jump for charity south of town last week. Just as well they did it while the weather was mild, as the chill that has whipped in recently might have seen the exposure significantly reduced, if you know what I mean.

The news from the UK continues to fall into the category of 'Is this some political kamikaze thing or what?' The Tories seem determined to lose the next election. Brown and his cronies seem dead set on sinking the UK into a slough from whence it will be painful to extricate itself. From over here the bloated UK state and all it's local government departments resemble a sink estate fortysomething 'mum' with a bad chip habit. A mass of lethargic, bad tempered cellulite that knows all it's 'rights' but is too lazy and ill tempered to do anything in return.

Doing a lot of 'lurking' at the moment on UK blogs. Just reading posts and making little comment because it's almost too painful to assimilate. Are things really that bad and the politicians so detached from the electorate? Although a quick phone call to Ma Sticker tells me that yes, it's worse. State intervention in the day to day of the UK's citizenry appears endemic. The busybodies are trying to regulate everything, food, drink, even air, with a perverted clipboard carrying mentality which claims to know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Oh what the hell, this is what happens when you let the 'there should be a law agin it' crowd have their head. I'd get depressed only I'm over here, and not there.

A bit chill today. Log fire time I think.

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