Saturday, 13 March 2010

Anthropogenic Global Warming; game over

Referring to the Specific Heat Capacity of Gases, these video's provide empirical proof that the CO2 based model of Anthropogenic, or Man Made Global Warming isn't a good one. Shades of R W Woods experiment from the 1900's. Four years later just prior to World War 1, World renowned Physicist Niels Bohr reported his discovery that the absorption of specific wavelengths of light didn’t cause gas atoms/molecules to become hotter. It's in the Physics textbooks, guys.

There you have it. Proper scientific method and empirical evidence trumps Computer modelling and wishful thinking, taking both the trick and the game. For people who get in my face and 'tell' me that periodic climate shifts are all down to mankind and we're all doomed unless we flush technology, and by proxy our comfortable standard of living, down the toilet; I say, show, don't tell. Show me. Come on. I'm not an unreasonable man. I can be persuaded. Demonstrate that enhanced CO2 levels are a primary climate driver. Not with computer models, but with a real, small scale experiment as above. Although I have the feeling that any such demonstration would end up like one of those old Tomorrow's World experiments with Raymond Baxter, Judith Hann and Michael Rodd. It wouldn't work.

The truth, as they say, has been out there all along. Not that a demonstration of the actual physics will convince 'true believers' or anyone whose grant or tenure relies on the whole AGW / MMGW boondoggle. They have too much to lose to let mere facts get in the way. The public however, is catching on. If certain politicians don't wake up and small the coffee soonish, they'll be out on their ears. Fortunately, we have the Harper Government over here, which likes to drag it's heels on this issue and may thus be the saving of Canada. Although what we'll do if our biggest market to the south goes belly up might cause short term issues. We could always sell to the Chinese market. They have real money.

H/T via this post on wattsupwiththat.

Now can we simply do something about air and water pollution and overfishing? Which are more important issues than a trace atmospheric gas essential to the life of plants.

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