Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Britannia justicia est mortuus

Well I knew this situation was coming back in 2005, which is one of the reasons Mrs S and I are abandoning HMS UK, but to see someone banged up for breaching an arbitrary ban whilst more serious offenders go free is still a bit of a shock to the system. This isn't just about smoking, it's about the simple liberty to run your own life. There's a collection for Mr Hogan over at Old Holborns blog. Help if you can.

Update: Not only can someone be prosecuted for allowing people to smoke on their premises, you can apparently be prosecuted for publicly disagreeing with the legislation. The phrases 'heavy handed' and 'completely over the top' seem to be quite apposite.

Drinking will probably be next.

Correction: It's to be freedom of religious conscience. It's a wonder his grace hasn't made mention of it in this weeks postings.

As an aside, I mentioned the aforementioned to a work buddy who quipped that I should have applied for political asylum, as I would have had my Canadian Citizenship by now had I done so. Not with my luck.

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