Friday, 26 March 2010

A tale from the other side.......

A U.S. army platoon was marching through Helmland, Afghanistan when they came upon a badly injured and unconscious Taleban insurgent on the left-hand side of the road.

On the right-hand side was a British soldier in a similar, but less serious state. The Brit was conscious and alert. As first aid was given to both men, the American platoon leader asked the injured soldier what had happened.

The soldier reported: “I was recce-ing the highway here when suddenly, coming towards me from the south was a heavily-armed insurgent. We shot at each other and both took cover in the ditches along either side of the road."

“I yelled to him that the local Taleban commander was a miserable, lowlife scumbag who needed slicing up into little pieces. The insurgent yelled back that Gordon Brown is a fat, useless, lying, one-eyed porridge wog. And furthermore, Lord Mandelson is a pillow-biting gay bastard!"

“So I said that Osama Bin Laden dresses and ponces about like a frigid, hatchet-faced lesbian. He retaliated by saying that so does Harriet Harman."

“And, there we were – in the middle of the road – shaking hands, when the f*****g bus hit us.”

Adapted from this post over at Oh what now! which originated at the Daily Politics.

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delcatto said...

Nice one and it brought a huge smile to my face.

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