Wednesday, 30 June 2010

You what!?

Apparently our colonial cousins to the South (at least their Administration) seem to be having a major attack of the stupids. They are awarding one of the greatest enemies of British personal liberty ever the 'Liberty Medal'. This award is allegedly given to those whose actions represent the founding principles of the United States.

In the words of ex-Tennis Champion John McInroe; "You cannot be serious!"

The Yanks are awarding a medal celebrating 'freedom' to a person whose government created over a thousand new criminal offences? Someone, somewhere has lost it big time. Said award, like the Nobel 'Peace Prize', is now devalued to a worthless political backhander. A backslap between professional politicians. Nothing more. Then again, maybe that's all these political awards ever are. I hope it's not taxpayer dollar they're giving him.

You know, there have been times I've fervently wished Blairs (and Browns) lungs would spontaneously combust so I could pointedly refuse to piss down his throat to put out the conflagration. Clucking bell.

Mind you, the medal is being awarded by Bill Clinton, so perhaps the Americans have discovered the true art of irony after all. I need a drink.

H/T Angry Exile

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