Thursday, 17 June 2010


Being a Whiskey purist, I was always brought up to never, ever adulterate Whiskey with anything. No water. No ice; and mixers, including soda, are strictly for those of dubious morality, poor education, and little taste.

What I do when drinking Whiskey is to chill the glass in the freezer for twenty minutes prior to pouring myself a generous measure, no more. Drinking neat scotch out of a cold glass seems to bring out the flavour like nothing else can, especially in a single malt like Talisker. Not so shabby for Jamesons either.

Youngest, knowing my weakness for a good single malt, brought a duty free bottle of my favourite tipple with her. Out of a cold glass you get all the flavours of the drink, and elements you don't ordinarily taste out of a glass at room temperature. The glass is chilled. I am chilled. Youngest is officially in my good books and can do no wrong.

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Bill Sticker said...

Now what does it say about Advertising? 'Get off my lawn!'

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