Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hey up

Popped over to the Icelandic Met Office web site and saw what looks like significant grumblings in the Katla caldera over the last 48 hours. May be something, may be nothing.

My concerns are as always with travelling family. Youngest is due in Vancouver tonight, and Mrs S is going over to pick her up and go shopping tomorrow. Being a mere male, I don't get the whole shopping thing and always refer to the apocryphal story of the Cowboy who visits a city mall for the first time and remarks; "Never saw so much stuff I didn't want to buy."

The thought occurs that if Katla does decide to go pop, by the time any eruption belches it's way up through the crust, Youngest will be safely ensconced over here in BC and relaxing by the pool. We may even get the cover off this week. Providing we get enough sunshine for the solar collectors to do their stuff, that is.

What the hell, I'm relatively happy. I found a nagging engine management problem with my truck yesterday and fixed it at no cost, apart from the time of digging through endless auto repair forums. Turned out to be a water temperature sensor that was shorting out. A clean and some WD-40 later and the engine is running like a bird.

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