Sunday, 27 June 2010

A grand day out, photoessay style.

Drove over to the Surfer Enclave at Tofino with Youngest and Mrs S yesterday. I got some sand between my toes...... Pity about the rain.
Dropped by at a Surfers beach and watched all those athletic types getting wet in and out of the Pacific surf.  We stayed in the van.

There was supposed to be an Ursus americanus vancouveri in this picture, but Mrs S was on camera duty, the Bear did a runner as I slowed down, and she missed the shot.   Tsk.
Dropped by the Mars Bomber base at Sproat Lake. Those things are bloody massive. Unfortunately they close at weekends, so no guided tour. However, I got my pictures anyhow.

Saw one on the water, and another undergoing a refit in the yard.

Snow on the peaks overlooking Port Alberni.  Odd.  I thought with all this global warming we're supposed to be having that all the snow was supposed to be gone by now.
Ah well, this is what happens when you rely on dodgy statistical reports based on press releases and wishful thinking instead of measuring things properly.
On the way back, Mrs S took over the driving and the sun came out. We stopped off at Cathedral Grove to look at some very big trees and let the dog water a couple. He seemed spoilt for choice. Can't think why.

Back in time for a late tea after which Mrs S and I sat up to watch The Hurt Locker on DVD.  Elsewhere in Canada, people were rioting about globalisation and shouting at politicians hunkered down behind riot police and chain link fencing. My thoughts; Good, the miserable buggers weren't where we were.

Overall, a thoroughly pleasant and relaxing day. I'm having a lot of those at present.


delcatto said...

Lovely pictures and flying boats to boot. I am certainly impressed by the cloud covered mountains and the greenery. It even looks like it smells fresh and clean.

Bill Sticker said...

Delcatto; have I ever mentioned that the air feels silken, or that there's none of that awful hemmed in feeling I used to get. Especially when work took me into London, Edinburgh or Birmingham.

BTW; I'll see if I can make some time to get some close ups of that Catalina at Nanaimo Airport early next week.

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