Sunday, 6 June 2010

Indulging myself

A damp and gloomy day this June 6th, when my thoughts turn to my father, who was a Royal Navy Signalman on LST's (Landing ship, Tank), Juno Beach, D-Day.

To cheer myself up, I shall indulge myself with a few pictures of seaplanes, big boats and yachts seen at the Marine Fair yesterday.
Harbour Air and West Coast Air planes at the dock.

Have a look at the stern of the yacht in the foreground. It's registered in Edmonton, Alberta. Where the hell can you go sailing a boat that size (It's a ninety footer) in Edmonton? Oh, hang on, maybe it's one of those prairie schooners we hear about.

Mrs S and I drooled over this one. Talk about fast and sexy.

Alas, anything bigger than a Kayak is beyond us because like the crab boat below, we too are on a tight budget.

Nevertheless, I took and passed my pleasure craft license first time. Quite chuffed about that really.

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