Monday, 7 June 2010

So what happened?

With NATO troops going off to Afghanistan and some not coming back, and others not coming back in the same state they went in, my question is; what's it all for? Especially when you read of how far the Afghans had come in the fifties and sixties. Hospitals, female emancipation, burgeoning industry and a growing economy. Then it all went pear shaped in the early 70's, and by the 90's had reduced the place to a wasteland full of warring tribes. The Soviets came in '79 and got driven out; then there was the Taleban, and what did they achieve? Now? The CIA factbook entry is hardly complementary.

Afghanistan as it was;Once Upon a Time in Mohammad Qayoumi

Well maybe 1950's and 60's Afghanistan wasn't 'perfect' in the eyes of some, but until the crazy people with guns decide it's time to call it a day, or are all shot, their country will forever remain completely fucked.

(Shakes head in saddened disbelief)

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