Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hyperbole or hot

Was up in Coombs the other day at the store which is famous for having a turf roof with goats on it.  While we were there, we perused the various 'Hot' barbecue sauces.  don't you just love the names?  Along with all the Jamaican hot sauces they sold the items on the right and left.  However, we came across the item in the centre at the Canada Day celebrations at the local park, and we essayed a small pot, just to test out how much Youngests student trained curry buds were shaping up.

As one with a digestive system tempered by various industrial grades of curry I was impressed.  Yes it is hot.  Hot enough at a mere tasting to engender respect from this ageing curry hound of a correspondent.  Youngest had barely enough to cover the end of a Starbucks stirring stick with her supper this evening, and has since emptied the fridge of beer.  I'm sure that if we had patterned dining plates, said pattern would now be burned off or discoloured.

On the plus side, as a condiment it leaves no chemical aftertaste, and yet is suitable for rendering even the most brazen barbecue bravo to a sputtering mess tipping a jug of ice water down his gullet.  Yes I will be buying more, but not very often, that's all.  You can have too much of a good thing.

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