Friday, 4 June 2010

Interesting development

The news that Easyjet are going to trial an infra red 'ash cloud avoidance' (AVOID) system is interesting. First tests in two months. The cost to EasyJet? One million pounds this year in development and trials.

Hang on a minute. One million? That's pretty small potatoes for a piece of technology of this much usefulness. On the other hand, it should come as no real surprise that this technology has become available, since the systems developer, Dr Fred Prata, has been working in this field for some time.

Now if only a fraction of the funding thrown at the non-problem of Warble Gloaming had been pushed into dealing with the known travel related problems of volcanic eruptions and their particulates, maybe we wouldn't have had all the air travel disruption in May.
On the other hand, I note sadly, perhaps the 'authorities' would have closed airspace regardless. Because it's pretty clear the disruption and airspace closures were mostly a big arse covering exercise by ignorant people without the knowledge to do their jobs properly.

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