Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New camera

Hooray! At last Mrs S and I have been able to agree on and purchase a new camera. To wit, a Fujifilm Finepix AV100 from which the results have been better than expected. The top shot was taken through our spotterscope of two of the local Bald Eagle population some three hundred metres away overlooking the shoreline. The poor focus is down to my camera technique more than anything, as otherwise the AV100 turns out crisp detailed shots you normally pay a lot more for. I also need to build a stable mounting point for the spotterscope which will allow far better focusing, as hand held is no good at all. We bought the little point and shoot locally for CDN$89.00. Which isn't a bad price for the camera and its two year warranty. Might invest in a bigger, faster SD card as problems are reported in HD Movie mode with older, slower SD cards. 8 gig should do the trick.

As for the outside world? More volcanoes erupting, Hamas 'Aid' convoy picks fight with Israeli security and the usual suspects get their panties in a bunch. UK Capital Gains Tax changes will financially hurt those (Like Mrs S and I-more fool us) who have UK investments over GBP2000. Met Office still making dire predictions (That have a worse track record than Mystic Meg). British MP funded gay lover on expenses yet says he will 'continue as MP' (and serve whom, may one ask?). Popes private library opened to researcher (But no later than 1939, mind) and the Gulf oil leak is still going strong despite the boy presidents 'personal' intervention.

Hi ho, off to work I go. Might snap some stuff along the way. There's bugger all I can do about the rest.

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