Friday, 11 June 2010

How to slice billions off deficits

I keep on reading that both the UK and US Governments are in serious financial trouble. They have massive bills that they simply can't pay, or rather the taxpaying public is going to have to stump up for, unto the third generation.

What I also keep reading about are the huge tranches of funds that are spent on various committees and, in the UK's case QUANGO's (Quasi-Governmental Non Government Organisations). These committees seem to have large amounts of public money at their beck and call, yet I've nary to see a one of them do anything but be sinecures for members of what were in earlier times deemed the 'awkward squad'. Activists, retired trade union leaders, Party political peers and friends of the not so great and not so good. All involved in what under examination seem to be little more than sinecures.

One of the most diverse and well funded seems to be involved in 'fighting climate change'. Well (Now here comes the predictable bit), seeing as the climate is always changing, mostly naturally, is all the cash being thrown around on the back of statistical studies not, well, over reacting a bit? All the movement of green pieces of paper won't alter one drop of rain, or add one cloud to the sky, so why do it? If the 'green' economy can only subsist with massive subsidies, then surely the time has come to pull the plug and invest in more workable technologies. Wind and Solar just aren't working as promised, so perhaps we'll just have to either shut down the Western economies and suffer, or invest in more mainstream technologies. Makes sense to me.

Bingo! Billions wiped off deficits. World economies saved. Half hols for everyone. Not bad work for a Friday. Mine's a beer.

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