Friday, 25 June 2010

Muffin the Mule on Angel Dust

Richard North, of EU Referendum fame, posts that James Delingpole, blogging on the Torygraph has been referred to as 'Muffin the Mule on Angel Dust'.

Richard makes mention that he couldn't find an image of said phenomenon, but after ten seconds ceaseless searching, I found this picture of Muffin and friends 'partying'.  Although no drug paraphernalia can be seen in the image, one look in the eyes tells the pathetic story of a fallen from grace celebrity living out the twilight of his years in a soporific drug fuelled stupor.

Like the whole 'Man Made Climate Change' fiction; a sad tale from which one may derive much moral instruction.  Poor old Muffin.

Correction: It was Delingpole referring to 'Greenies like Monbiot' as Muffin the Mule on Angel Dust. Although this correction doesn't change the moral of the story.

Momentary lapse. Sorry. Damn this Alzheimers. It's not as good as my old one used to be. Back to work.

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