Sunday, 30 May 2010

Not before time

The writing, from an empirical point of view at least, has been on the wall for some time. Now the Royal Society has been forced into a climbdown over 'Global Warming'. All this despite a good deal of advocacy from various anti-science lobby factions promulgating Armageddon via press release. You know the sort of things, telling everyone that the Arctic will be ice free, that the glaciers are melting, and that we're all doooomed!

This is only to be expected, as the whole catastrophic CO2 caused climate change boondoggle was a house of cards anyway. The Physics of the contention simply never stacked up, the energy levels were all wrong. As I've probably posted before, believing that CO2 controlled the climate seems rather like expecting to be able to warm an Olympic size swimming pool with a kiddies toy hair dryer.

As might be expected, anyone who disagrees with the warmist doomsayers has been labeled 'anti-science' or 'denier'. However, all that is just a load of hot air. One thing which we've had a local shortage of recently. Temperatures have been running anything from two to four degrees below average since the turn of the year. Plenty of rain to boot. Our solar heated swimming pool should have been up to temperature a fortnight ago, but is still only vaguely tepid. Not that our local weather has been conducive to going out for a splash around. So the cover is staying on for another week or two. Warming? Not here it ain't.

Anyway; Youngest is coming over in two weeks for half the Summer, before pootling off southbound to Sister in law's place to swelter in Minnesota. Mrs S has spent quite a lot of time on Skype 'counseling' Youngest while she goes through her end of year exams. Those who have had this delight will understand the extended discussion of technique for attacking exam papers, sharing tips and tricks gleaned from a lifetime of taking tests, then comparing and contrasting them with what the Lecturers have been saying.

While Youngest is here we have a 'chill' programme worked out for her to recharge her batteries going Whale watching out on the Western or Northern end of Vancouver Island. Shopping in Vancouver and Victoria. Perhaps playing in our pool or simply sitting in the sunshine with a large jug of chilled Margeritas, whenever our usual consistent sunshine deigns to turn up. I'm sure this time last year was much warmer and sunnier. Must be all those volcanoes up in Alaska and the Aleutians belching particulates into the atmosphere. Never mind Mt Unpronounceable in Iceland, or even the current double header in Guatemala and Equador.

Talking of which, despite all unverified speculation, armchair quarterbacking and wishful thinking, there are still no indications at the time of writing, that the much hyped Katla is going to erupt.

Well, that's more than enough from me. I'm off to erupt elsewhere. TTFN.

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