Saturday, 12 September 2009

Work in progress; Axiom 1

Been busy hitting the keyboard and digging up archives for the new project, and I came across this paragraph which I feel to be particularly true;
Having assumed the mantle of stepfather, you can survive relatively unscathed because of one simple axiom; yes there may be stepfathers and mothers who are cruel sociopaths and serial child abusers as seen on Oprah and other ‘reality’ TV shows, but they are the extreme minority. Yet for every heartless child abuser there are literally hundreds of thousands of good, honourable men and women who, when faced with the absolute worst emotional abuse their stepchildren can throw at them, simply bite their tongue and pick up the broken toys because they are strong of heart. This single thread of veracity cuts across every race, creed, and class.

I like it. Sod the Dickensian stereotypes.

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