Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Not so fast, Kyoto!

If this post at Watts up with that is to be believed, and given their sources I see no reason not to, the 'Climate Change' aganda is to be effectively sidelined. This hopefully means that lip service alone will be paid to what is effectively a course of economic suicide. Good.

Maybe these world leaders are looking at the way the 'Carbon trading' market has tanked and are looking for the weasel words that will get them out of the 'climate change' mess.

Looks like the curse of Jonah Brown strikes again. The moment the current British Prime Monster makes a statement, the cause he purports to support vanishes down the plug'ole, or suffers a serious setback. The 1960's Hollies track "King Midas is reverse" in the YouTube clip above contains a line "Everything he touches turns to dust" How appropos.

My Dad an ex-Navy type, had a suggestion about Jonah's (Definition 2). "A dark night, and over the side with him." He once told me when he was in a dark and vengeful mood about something.

What with the UK Attorney General being rather free with her interpretation of the law when it comes to her own misdoings, resignation of PPS's, and the general state of the UK for which Brown personally is culpable, as well as Blair; my late father's somewhat superstitious suggestion bears looking at with fresh eyes. Over the side with the bugger before you're sunk for good. Doing so might not stop the economic storm, but might help the UK lighten ship, and so survive a little more readily. It might be advisable to tie a chunk of 'climate change' to Browns leg to make sure he never surfaces again. The same fate might be applied to all those who insist on the big eco-guilt trip when we need to address more pressing issues.

Birds, stone. Job done.

Update: Have just seen this at Wattsupwithat. Has the source data upon which all this 'Climate Change' malarkey relies upon gone missing like in the dog ate my homework? Is there mileage in the assertions that the data as described never existed in the first place. Wow, talk about a goof. How the hell do you lose that much data? Especially information of such crucial importance to 'proving' the 'theory' of anthropogenic climate change. Now they're going to tell us it was all a gag, right?

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