Thursday, 10 September 2009

A unique viewpoint?

I don't usually do posts about comments, but this got me thinking, I'm not the only one am I?

Scoacat, nice chap that he is, made the following comment on my "just idle musing' post a couple of days ago, about me writing some sort of survival guide for stepfathers based on my own experience. Scoacat's comment was;
"It's a unique point of view, good luck!"

and I responded with a slightly panicked;
"Unique point of view? Really? So other stepfathers don't struggle to help bring up a family full of split loyalties to be reasonably stable human beings?

Am I missing something?"

I know from personal experience that bringing up someone else's children is a tough gig. On the other hand, am I just making heavy weather of a job everyone else finds soup and nuts? If so, where were you buggers when I needed advice?

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Scoakat said...

Lol. Now I don't watch Oprah (or much of any TV, actually), but the stepfather, especially the good ones, don't seem to get talked about much or given their due when dealing with helping raise their wife's children. Just doesn't seem as popular as 'unemployed unwed teenage mothers on crack' or the like. I'm not a stepfather so maybe I just don't pay attention to stepfather stories. Has there ever been a bestseller from the stepfather's perspective? If I did some research, probably, but they fall outside my vision. So to me it would be unique in that it is a story that I haven't really heard or had to deal with. Then I was just trying to encourage your writing. That's all. :)

Sorry, Bill, I'm not a writer and tend to write as I talk sometimes. I know that doesn't always convey exactly what I mean, but I try!

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