Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Getting a lift home with a co-worker this afternoon and we were talking when the news came on the car radio. Gordon Bennett but the pro AGW lobby is getting desperate. There were three separate items on a three and a half minute news segment that were about politicians talking up 'Global Warming'. I was going to mention this to my co-worker, but he ignored the broadcast and carried on talking about a couple of work related items we'd been discussing.

I know this is the West Coast and we've got more hippy types per square mile than most areas, but come on. There was another item about Tasers and an internal Police investigation which we discussed, yet the tiresome political preaching about 'Global warming' went unremarked.

This is becoming routine. A lot of ordinary people in BC are getting massively pissed off at all the hype and extra taxes. The only people who really approve the 'carbon taxes' are the 'muddled moderns' who have turned their 'green' credentials into a perverted type of one upmanship, and the unemployable muesli munchers who don't need to drive like regular folk.

If the people who were really interested in reducing pollution from traffic, they'd realise we need better transport systems and invest in a replacement for the car, rather than expensive half measures like Hybrids which actually use more of the Earth's resources to build and run. The batteries will need replacing regularly, and they still burn gas, so what's the point? Bicycles won't do if you have a commute over ten kilometres every morning. Buses and trains run to fixed routes and timetables which are often inconvenient. If you get a cab you're just not driving yourself, so where are the realistic transport solutions from the 'Greens'? Apart from bankrupting ourselves back to 'sustainability'. That isn't saving the planet, it's cultural suicide.

Well, that's listening to the radio off my list of entertainments. TV is much the same apart from the sports channel, and despite efforts to acclimatise, I still haven't decided about Ice Hockey yet. Maybe I'll stick to fishing and later on next year some hunting.

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