Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another unique perspective

Here is Piers Corbyn giving his 100 year Weather forecast for planet Earth. It contains no warming, and furthermore predicts that the Earth will get appreciably cooler for the next 130 years. I have a lot of time for Piers. He may look like a nutty professor but he's got a very good track record on Weather prediction, unlike those who support the 'warming' hypothesis.

UK Met office - Wrong!
Michael Mann, James Hansen, Al Gore, David Suzuki and all their political camp followers - Wrong!
In fact so far over the wrongness event horizon their 'science' has disappeared into an alternate fantasy universe that would have ordinary folk either in straitjackets or consigned to 'care in the community' wearing tinfoil hats.

In Piers I see a proper scientist, one who derives his hypothesis from actual data, not fudged statistics and models. His hypothesis appears to derive from the interaction of Solar and Lunar influences which are far a more credible standpoint than the CO2 fantasy which is currently fashionable. Disagree? Ask yourself this question; Are or are not the tides linked to Lunar influences? Talk amongst yourselves, I'm off to look at a possible new house.

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