Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Just idle musing

I've been thinking....

I see all these self help books on the market and I think I've spotted a niche.

What if.... I wrote about my experiences as a stepfather. What it's really like, without all the buzzwords like 'energise' or 'empowerment'. Just one bloke's average(ish) take on the workaday heartbreaks and hilarity of trying to help two kids to stable (ish) adulthood. The multitudinous problems with feckless and manipulative ex husbands appearing at inopportune moments and screwing everyone else's plans up. What it's like to be thrown under suspicion as a child abuser just because the kids aren't biologically yours. Winning respect from the kids the hard way, getting your heart broken by repeated hurtful remarks and still having the self control to bite your tongue and not say something reflexively stupid and nasty. That and learning to love two young strangers who at times make it plain they don't love you at all.

I've penned some notes on the subject, quite a lot of them in fact. All they need is putting into some kind of context. Never before seen stuff. Just idle musing you understand, but I'll have a go and see what happens.


Scoakat said...

It's a unique point of view, good luck!

Bill Sticker said...

Unique point of view? Really? So other stepfathers don't struggle to bring up a family full of split loyalties to be reasonably stable human beings?

Am I missing something?



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