Thursday, 10 September 2009

Much better.....

Have mucked about with this blogs appearance and changed the template. Had a brief mess about with some of the new templates HTML and I'm quite pleased with the result. For those who are interested, or even not, the big raft floating in the middle of the new header picture is a log boom some four hundred metres long, and roughly ninety wide. That's a lot of lumber.

Went to see the new house. Yep, it's bigger and although I haven't been inside looks like the view from the deck is superb. Hope they don't price the rent out of our pocket.


Scoakat said...

The blog looks great! Was the flag there or did you edit it in? See, I don't know html at all. I'm one of them 'just wingin' it' guys, I guess.

I've had more thoughts on the previous subject as well. No, I'm not a final word freak, It did just really make me think.

Bill Sticker said...

I took a standard template and changed the colours on the Title and description text in bloggers HTML editor. The flag was photo edited using Corel photo suite on to a cropped picture that I took from just across the road in 2007.

I'm not good enough to do this professionally, it just all came together.

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