Saturday, 19 September 2009

Petting zoos and climate nonsense

I see that petting zoos are now bad for you. Well, I'd say that some are, and some aren't. I'd agree that taking kids under five to anything like this is a poor judgement call, as children of that age have no real sense of cleanliness. As anyone who has cared for an under five will know, they will stick anything in their mouths because they don't know any better. Of course mummy's little angel is going to get E-coli food poisoning if they stick their hands in the shit of a working farm and then eat their scrummy packed lunches without washing their hands properly. Especially if their immune systems aren't properly developed though living in houses devoid of useful, immune system developing bacteria.

Don't care for "petting zoos" that don't teach where your meat and milk come from. Like the ones populated with fluffy bunnies and 'pets'. That type of institution teaches the cultural pollution of anthropomorphism. They teach that animals are little humans in cute, fur covered bodies. For this alone, they are guilty of heinous sins against their own species. These should be closed down. Not the ones attached to working farms.

In the news I see there is a claim that Arctic Sea Ice is at it's third lowest level 'ever'. Since when pray? Here's the graph and source that the information is taken from.

When does the graph start? 2002? Hardly enough to extrapolate a melting trend from don't you think? There is far too much of this in the media. Too many scare stories from people unqualified to make such predictions. Too many silly and largely ignorant people pulling stupid stunts for an increasingly discredited phenomenon. Too much lazy cut and paste 'journalism'. Too much emotionalising on a subject where a more studied approach is called for, and way too many press releases from organisations that should know better. The mainstream media might 'believe' in Carbon Dioxide driven man made climate change, but the public countercurrents of scepticism grow ever stronger as more and more doomsaying predictions fail to come true.

Sod it, the Sun is shining, the tide is right and I am off to play my part in the food chain. The fish are going to have to take their own chances.

Aar. An it also be International talk loike a pirate day me hearties. Anyone who upsets ol' Cap'n Bill gets to walk the plank. Avast! Now, back to work ye scurvy dogs.

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Condominiums Toronto said...

Oh, you can't but love all these "graphs" that predict a catastrophic future. Sometimes I think bored kids at home make them in Excel and then the alarmists use them as actual evidence. It's just sad to think that some people believe crap like that.

Take care, Elli

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