Monday, 14 September 2009

The usual suspects

Have been perusing the UK Daily Telegraph blogs and comment section and note that nothing much changes. The same user names keep popping up with the same tired, humourless old left wing rhetoric. You know the sort of thing; everyone's a victim, it was all nasty Margaret Thatchers fault, global warming is real and all the rest of their half baked regurgitated claptrap. Class warriors to a man, somehow convinced that they are actually achieving anything with their predictable ad hominem attacks on other posters who disagree in a supposedly 'right wing' newspaper. Somehow under the delusion that bullying others into shutting up actually contributes anything positive to a debate. I occasionally post, but my heart's not really in it. I enjoy my life too much to waste it sitting up all day and night at the keyboard as these guys seem to do. Are they real people or several working in shifts? Do they have real jobs? Real lives? You wouldn't think so. Maybe they work for lobbyists, trying to bestir public opinion in favour of their cause. Got news for you kiddies, it ain't working.

I've written a lengthy (1600+ words) post about how I once knew one of these (I've since had the misfortune to meet several) 'classless warriors' and will stuff it on this blog at some time or other. I lived in the same student house as he, and ended up hating the son of a bitches guts. If I decide to put the post up you'll see why. Everyone else in the house hated him as well.

Anyway, talking of things I should be doing, my dog heard the rattle of keyboard and has crept over to the other side of the room, scrunched down behind a chair, and is currently staring at me from under said chair so that I do not forget to feed him. He too is very predictable. It's almost his tea time, and this animal has a stomach with the accuracy of an atomic clock. He is currently breathing meaningfully at me from across the room and must perforce be fed. TTFN.


delcatto said...

I once was a union rep in the CPSA many years ago and the extreme left wing class warriors were definitely from the Twilight zone. All middle class, university educated tossers who did not have a fucking clue. It was odd how they could argue for hours over the most meaningless points of order. Disenchanted after three years of their crap I have avoided union politics ever since.

Bill Sticker said...

Odd that. Even odder than all the members of the 'Socialist Workers Party' might be Socialists, but none of the sods were workers, or ever threw a party worth going to. The rest of us worker bots were always pretty pissed off with carrying the bastards. E.G. Doing their work as well as our own. Wastes of flesh and blood the whole bloody lot of 'em.

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