Wednesday, 9 September 2009

More climate change wibbling

It's been a very cool summer over here in mid Vancouver Island, apart from that brief hot spot in July, yet over the pond I still see that band of morons (Along with other nations environmental munchkins) saying that it's a gonna get hotter an we're all a gonna DIE!.

The wheels are coming off the man made climate change bandwagon as the empirical evidence stacks up against it, and the true believers in CO2 caused Global Warming are left circling the wagons to defend the indefensible while the sceptics point and laugh at them from outside. The much vaunted computer models aren't predicting the weather patterns as per claims, and even the densest of politicians are looking nervously sideways at the electorate as they make their ever more tiresome pronouncements of faux-doom.

Over here in BC the ever mounting burden of 'green' taxation is proving anything but environmentally friendly. There's widespread resentment about the extra provincial 'carbon' tax on gasoline over here, which only serves (As predicted) to put the cost of everything else up. Yet a leading 'Green' politician, having lost their seat in Ontario, has moved over here to BC in the hope of getting elected. Boy is she in for a shock. As far as extra taxation is concerned, lead balloons aren't in it. Push hard enough and people will vote their wallets and bugger the environment. We care about the natural world, but all this extra taxation won't help plant any trees to save forests and preserve fisheries if that money isn't going to be used for those purposes.

The situation regarding this climate change malarkey looks increasingly like watching that amusing piece of Iraq war footage as the military garbed apologist for the Ba'ath regime, 'Comical Ali' predicted that Coalition forces would never take Baghdad; only to see American Abrams tanks meandering almost casually unchallenged along the opposite bank of the river behind him. The empirical evidence just won't support the hypothesis, no matter how many peer reviewed papers get published. Peer review is meaningless if the predictions won't come true, no matter how much screaming and shouting goes on. It won't melt one cubic inch of ice or make the Earth any warmer. Fine, post that it's all the fault of apologists for 'Big Oil' etcetera, but that's immaterial if the weather won't do what the peer reviewed papers and computer models say it should.

I believe peer reviewed research says that certain things are impossible, but that hasn't stopped said things happening. It just means that the peer reviewed papers in question are full of bullshit. Well structured and argued bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you are right about the climate change. If you are right you may laugh your head of to me and other people who have taken the climate change for real, but if you are wrong none of us will be laughing.

It has been exeptionally hot summer here in Finland. Due to that we have had storms like of wich have not been seen during our recorded climate history. Maybe it is just coincidence. We must remember not to make any assumptions on singular phenomenon or even the events of one summer.

All the people I know who do not believe in the climate change, seem to be mostly motivated by the fact that the supposed climate change and their responsibility in not stopping it, seems too hard to swallow. What is your prime mover in this matter?

you write of the cost of trying to stop the climate change, but do you really think we can afford the possible risk it is going to happen and we could have done something about it?

Ido not think this is so much a matter of faith, as it is of the authority you trust. I would like to trust the UN raport (even with its obvious flaws, as such mistakes are typical for sientific work), rather than any cientists on energy company payrow, even though I do not like what it is saying. That our lifestyle is producing pollution, wich will destroy the enverioment. Is that not so?

Bill Sticker said...

From the standpoint of classical physics, as I was taught at Engineering college, the contentions about CO2 being a major climate driver are a joke. There are empirical experiments anyone can do which falsify the CO2 / Climate postulation.

Do not, repeat, do not take my word for it. Try one yourself.

My point is; you can't build workable scientific theory on statistics alone, and that is what the studies 'proving' man made climate change are based on. Yes the climate changes, but Earth is more 'at risk' from pollution and overfishing than from an atmospheric trace gas.

Although having seen what nature can do to man made structures over fifty years, we're all eventually archaeology. Go and see. Take off the blinkers and learn.

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