Friday, 25 September 2009

My fevered imaginings

Imagine a world which has cooled to the point where you can walk from Norway to Iceland across shifting pack ice.

Imagine a world where the USA and Canada are now a single very cold and politically isolated country.

Imagine a world where the EU is now the harshly theocratic Gaian republic, where dissent brings summary execution for 'thought crime'. Where the Middle East from Morocco to Bangladesh has been wiped out in a Nuclear war.

Imagine being able to fly to new worlds.

Can you? Would you?

Such is my first completed Science Fiction MSS in a series of three. Two more are nearly finished.

Now imagine I can sell the bloody things.


Scoakat said...

Yes, I can and would. I look forward to reading it someday!

Bill Sticker said...


It would be my pleasure to sign a copy for you.



delcatto said...

Ditto. I'll read it

Anonymous said...

and me, if you want honest feedback i'll read it for you!!!

*ohhh can't wait for booktour*

naomi (follow of uncle bill in various incarnations!)

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