Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Include me out

I know there is the odd deluded fool out there who reads the rabid drivel I post on this blog, however this is said blogs purpose. It is not to inform, edify or amuse; it is here to let me vent my spleen in a reasonably polite and diffident way. It is here for me to get things off my chest. To complain, bitch and otherwise publish opinions that my often too reticent true self rarely vouchsafes in public.

My vent today is about social networking sites; Facebook, MySpace et al.

Let me put this gently; I have this blog, I also have Facebook and MySpace accounts, both of which I was persuaded to open against my better judgment. I haven't time to keep updating either and frankly only visit the bloody things infrequently. After several annoying spamlike messages I actually logged into my MySpace account this evening and removed the two 'Friends' on it and published my feelings on several matters, including a statement to the effect that I am emphatically not the kind of person I would like to be a friend of as I don't suffer fools gladly. At some time in the near future it is my intention to visit the same treatment on my Facebook account.

Hopefully this way my e-mail inbox will be a little clearer. I mean, get real guys, there are all these really brilliant offers of fake Rolexes and cheap Viagra I want to spend time applying for; not to mention several very kind people from Nigeria who need my bank details to make me very rich indeed. What do I want with facile social networking sites? I have a perfectly functional e-mail address.

Update: Myspace and Facebook accounts have been deleted. I have better things to do with my time and prefer dealing with real living breathing people, not their fantasy simulacra. You can stuff 'Second Life' as well.

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antikva said...

This deluded fool is rapidly coming to the same conclusion after having exes and their associated cronies trying to friend me, then throw a wobbly. I mean how sad is it that they need to friend me? Do they think I don't have any real one's and only they can save me from becoming a reclusive cranky old hag surrounded by cats?

Although, I'm keeping FB set on high privacy levels for Mafia Wars cos it's been the one cg I am actually good at!

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