Thursday, 30 April 2009

How not to catch 'Swine flu'

While this particular strain of influenza may be the descendant of the strain that killed millions back in 1919-20, it is worth noting that many of the current generation of humanity are descended from the survivors of that outbreak. Like Avian flu, the widespread fatalities promised probably won't happen.

Points to remember;

Q: How do humans catch 'Swine flu'
A: While people do not normally contract this virus, they can if they have been in close contact with pigs. Soooo, don't snog the pigs. No tongue hockey with your prize porkers. Just say no to bestiality.

Rather like the best advice I ever heard to avoid catching Avian flu; "Don't kiss the chickens"

Although Kal's take on this over at Trauma Queen is quite amusing.

Also on the upside; Painted surgical masks in Mexico.

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