Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Nothing going on.......

But the same old same old. Looks like all my seditious e-mails between me and the remnants of my family in the UK can now be read by the powers that be there (How are you, shops closing, bollocks on the news, most UK politicians are idiots, all that jazz). Spent quite a bit of this weekend standing on my rocks with my rod in my hand, and the weather of late has been quite mild. We've even switched the heating off and had all the doors and windows open to give our place a spring airing.

Odd recurring dream of going to some kind of fair (Full of kids running around, happy smiling faces), a gun fair at that; but the guns people were shooting at the targets only shot arrows; full length cedar shafted arrows with steel tips and plastic flights, not unlike spear guns. Don't remember much more. I don't usually remember my dreams, and rarely if ever do I get one that recurs, but for some reason this particular one is sticking in my subconscious, making a thorough nuisance of itself. Perhaps the act of writing it down in précis will purge it. Who knows? Who cares?

Life is currently busy but quite pleasant. Nothing to be sarcastic about at all. Well, only about the antics of politicians who think that they are somehow competent enough to control everything (Like hell), but to tell you the truth their incompetance is so obvious even the most blinkered are starting to sit up and say "Erm, do we really want to do this?" I feel as though my input is quite superfluous.

Anyway, sunlight is currently flooding through my kitchen windows (I sometimes have to wear polarised shades while cooking), and I am dining on honey smeared pancakes, bacon and coffee this morning. Sigh. Life is so hard. Smirk.


Mummy x said...

Glad there is nothing going on...... over there. I reckon it's all going to kick off over here. Check this out

Tis not good Uncle B

Mummy x

Scoakat said...

Hi Bill! Sounds like all is just right, right now. I have been busy househunting (a great time for that in the states if you're in a favorable position to, as we are fortunate to be!). And, though I've been busy, I really haven't had a comment since I seen your pork pie. LOL, I'm on the fence on that one! What did you do for housing upon your emigration? Apartment, house, rent, buy..? Just curious.

Bill Sticker said...


Post a link to your blog in comments and I'll reciprocate. Hows that?



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