Sunday, 12 April 2009


Fishing wasn't so wonderful yesterday, and I spent a couple of non productive hours clambering over rocks trying to find a stable spot where the wind wouldn't blow my lures back at me at every cast. Distinctly breezy. In the end I packed in and went home after re-organising my tackle box.

Having paid my daily visit to Guido Fawkes blog, I see that someone else is getting the wind up back in the UK now that a massive online smear campaign has been unearthed. Slanderous e-mails, dodgy domain name registration. Senior UK government advisers fired. Tsk, tsk, someone was going to be naughty weren't they? Pity it's all public domain now, eh?. Not that it ever could be anything else.

That's the thing with the Internet, if it can be read, there's an electronic paper trail that leads right to your doorstep if you don't take a few precautions. Nowadays I don't bother; even a visit from these guys (even if it's only bored tech support) doesn't concern me.

The Telegraph and Times appear to have 'banned' my current IP address so I cannot comment on their stories. Odd that. It's not as though I ever posted anything abusive, at least I can't recall doing so. Any old road up, that's purely academic now.

I've noted that a number of media commentators have been asking things like "Who controls these blogs", to which the answer is; the creators and readers, no one else. It's the politics of the market place. If people (the readership) like your stuff, they will keep coming back. Try to lecture them and they all drift away to watch the footie. Other commentators were bemoaning the lack of readership of, say a left leaning blog in comparison to top blogger Guido Fawkes. The answer is simple; left leaning politics is boring, dull, massively yawn inspiring, somnolence inducing pomposity in its studied earnestness. A few years ago I recall seeing a couple of Marxist 'comedians', and on both occasions they were so jaw crackingly awful that the audience started telling gags amongst themselves and ignored the guy on stage.

Lets face it, if Karl Marx had put a few decent jokes in Das Kapital or written it in a lighter style, maybe we'd all be Socialists, but there is nothing funny about Socialism at all, Socialists yes, but not Socialism and that area of politics. They all know what's best for the rest of us and will not shut the fuck up without having a baseball bat buried between their ears. Nasty, tedious little people with all their half baked canting hypocrisy. All they want is power without responsibility, and the smug satisfaction of having everyone else do as they say.

As far as I'm concerned, the only Marx worth anything was Groucho.

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Scoakat said...

I'd be annoyed, not crushed or angry, but the kind of annoyed where you feel a little bit less free. Scary, actually, how our rights get nickeled and dimed politically or otherwise.

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