Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Death by climate change hype

In my daily visit to the very worthwhile Watts up with that blog, I note that the slow motion suicide of the Catlin expedition (On a 1000 calories a day in sub zero conditions!? - anorexics eat more) is still ongoing and that according to this guest essay at the site the World Health Organisation had come up with a study that 'proved' climate change was responsible for 166,000 deaths in the year 2000, and that according to the Secretary General of the UN "Climate change is the greatest challenge of our age". Even with the fudged figures such premises rest upon and stretching credulity so hard it's a wonder that their elastic logic hasn't snapped, this still means that the climate doom of the world is about as far away as ever. It's like the Jehovah's Witnesses used to be, a joke with their constant revisions of the end of days vote

I'm sorry. No one with a functioning brain cell is taken in by this stuff any more. The only people who talk it up are the activists, politicians and sloppy cut and paste journalists. The rest of humanity hears the fine speeches and sees the ever more entertaining protests to 'save the planet' and goes "WTF" when the warmer weather we're continually promised on our road to climate hell fails to materialise. It's become like a comedy checklist;
Polar bears dying out, nope.
Ocean acidification killing reefs, erm, pollution and overfishing might, but the ph is going to have to shift a lot more than that to bother reef ecosystems. It's worth noting that people regularly swallow concentrations of Carbonic acid in soft drinks without much ill effect.
Global temperature rising out of control, nope (I'm currently wrapping up warm).
More hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes. Nope. (Bored now.)
Bad stuff happening and it's all our fault! Mosquitoes! Bird flu! Swine flu! Brain sucking aliens will try to sell you life insurance! You're all doooomed unless you buy carbon credits from that fat man at the podium! (Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Yeah, right.)

There is a distinct possibility that I will die sometime. I may get killed crossing the road. I may die of cancer caused by long ago exposure to toxic industrial chemicals. I may die of heart disease, or any of the other sins that all flesh is heir to. However, I don't think I'm going to peg out because of a little less or more sunshine / rain (Although I might freeze to death if the winters get significantly colder). Yawn.

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