Monday, 27 April 2009

Odd stuff

Today is going to be mildly fraught. Today mother in law comes to stay for two or three months. She's a nice old stick but doesn't seem to understand that yours truly has stuff to do, then bursts into tears when I just get on and do instead of hanging on her every word 24/7. This afternoon we have to go through the whole emotional scene of soggy greetings at the airport, heartfelt sigh. Fortunately Brother in law is in tow to keep an eye on things, so perhaps not. Dog is staying with friends for today and tomorrow until the dust settles, and all my work commitments will have to wait until Wednesday. She's not exactly the most mobile of people and I have the oddest of prescient feelings that my consumption of Jameson's will increase.

Computer time has been pretty restricted recently as Mrs S has been Skyping all over the world looking for old college, work related and school certificates to back up our permanent residency application. The only way I can get a look in on the 'pooter at present is by getting out of bed at 5 in the morning for some uninterrupted thinking and keyboard time.

In the Sticker household recently there have been some odd goings on; for example, coming in from a very pleasant afternoons fishing on Sunday, I walked in the door to be confronted by one of my dear lady wife's brassiere's hanging up where I normally hang my hat. I stared for a moment, wondering if I was hallucinating, then caught my wife's amused sidelong glance. "They're just hanging up to dry Bill."
"Thank God for that, you had me wondering." I said, looking rather nonplussed. There's something mildly unsettling about seeing empty lingerie hanging around the place where it shouldn't normally be.
"I just ran out of places to hang them up."
"The tumble dryer okay?" Why hang stuff up to dry when you have a perfectly good machine for the job?
"I'm not developing Alzheimer's." Mrs S cocked an eyebrow at me before returning to the keyboard. So what's a man to do under these circumstances? "Errrrrr..... Cup of tea love?"
"Oo, gorgeous." Came the response. So I put the kettle on (It's a nice one that doesn't clash with my eyeshadow - oh dear).

Another odd occurrence has been the Dutch Ministry of Justice showing up on my reader stats. I put it down to bored tech support,but apparently there's something a little more sinister. Via the Devils Kitchen, I came across the news that there is an unpleasant little troll who keeps on complaining about people's web sites and trying to get the Dutch authorities to shut down those he doesn't agree with. The dipstick concerned (No, I'm not going to dignify the nasty little slaphead with a link) appears to be an extreme lefty with one of the dullest blogs on the planet (Even duller than mine). He doesn't appear to think that freedom of speech is a good thing, and compares those of us with even a mildly Libertarian bent to kiddy pron pushers. Should the gentleman in question ever visit these pages again I have a little message for him; "Go 'way son. Come back when yer all growed up. Now push off, I'm a busy man."

The south end of Vancouver Island beckons today. I'm going out for a drive. I may be some little time.....

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