Wednesday, 8 April 2009


On the way back from a happy working afternoon, we heard on the car radio that there had been a major cocaine bust by the RCMP not far from town. According to the report a machine gun, grenades, and several sidearms had been found along with several kilo's of cocaine. Well done to the boys in grey. Nice result; but I can't help thinking all this 'war on drugs' is going about things the wrong way. The cost of the undercover Police operations needed to keep on top of the problem must be pretty astronomical.

I posted a precis of my thoughts on Tim Worstalls blog as follows;
Try this on for size; Buy the entire Afghan opium crop. Give away free to addicts via medicare, NHS, etc at point of distribution, with the one proviso that the dose has to be taken there and then, working on a reducing scale as the number of addicts reduces through the natural wastage of overdosing and assorted drug related mortality. Wean Afghan farmers off Opium farming as it becomes progressively less profitable. Apply similar policy to Columbian Cocaine crop. Free trade agreements to make other crops more financially attractive.

Pro’s; Cuts down on the money supply known to subsidise wars and terrorism. Petty crime level drops as addicts no longer have to resort to theft to subsidise their habit as they do now. Removes incentive for pushers in lower life quality areas, thus removing or significantly reducing the source of new addicts. Fewer pushers means Heroin gets less commonplace. Fewer addicts and pushers mean eventually less Heroin etc on streets. Fewer lives screwed up long term. Low relative cost.

Cons; short term surge in addict mortality. Resultant emotional cost to families with who have an addicted family member. Near permanent moral outrage from professional busybodies (but what’s new).

Harsh, but I still think it's the only real way to 'win' the 'war on drugs'. Failing that; do a Mao on them and shoot all the addicts, that worked didn't it?

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