Monday, 13 April 2009

Two simple questions

I note that 'eco-activists' are staging protests which threaten to shut down coal fired power stations both in the UK and possibly the USA. Urging the 'climate activists' on are voices such as James Hansen, NASA's chief advocate of the 'CO2 causes runaway man made climate change' faction. With no real current evidence to prove that the doomsayers predictions are in any way justified, I can only shake my grizzled head in mute astonishment at the activists ever crazier antics. However, being a fair minded chap I would like anyone to give me an answer to the following two simple questions;

My first question is this; should the activists succeed in shutting down a power station, which runs the risk of shutting down electricity supplies not only to industry and commerce, but also to hospitals and other vital services, with the attendant risk of death to innocent people. Does this count as terrorism not 'activism'?

This being the case my second question is as follows; does the attempt to shut down coal, or any other type of fuel fired power plants therefore make Hansen the Bin Laden of eco-terrorism?

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