Saturday, 11 April 2009

Freak show

Dropping over to the famous wattsupwithat web site, I have been disturbed to watch the facts and figures coming back from the Catlin expedition, which is one of those 'expeditions' seeking to 'prove' that the Arctic Ice cap is disappearing because humanity will not voluntarily return to a semi-neolithic existance. Lewis Pughs ill fated Kayaking expedition from last year springs to mind.

The reported body telemetry of the three expedition members indicates physiological problems, but this data seems unreliable as the web feeds to the Catlin expeditions web site have on occasion appeared to be repeating loops. The more I watch, the more I think the whole business is some bizarre narcissistic media circus. A kind of slow motion human sacrifice, and in a number of respects distastefully messianic. Urgh!

All of the aforementioned appears not to be bothering the Polar Bear population, which far from decreasing seems to be doing the exact opposite.

This morning I'm off to enjoy the great outdoors, and maybe go shopping for a new Kayak later on this afternoon if the fish aren't biting. Mrs S has control of the technology until then.

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