Friday, 3 April 2009


This afternoon, after quite a busy and dare I say it, successful day. I took a walk down to the seas very edge for an hours fishing. Didn't catch anything; but I watched all sorts of water borne life on a surface as calm as a lazy summer river.

To my South and East, a couple of hundred metres away, Bald Eagles dive bombed a number of feeding Sea Lions, causing much honking and splashing; to my East, less than fifty metres away, two female Sea Lions lolled lazily, holding flippers out of the water as though sunbathing. Over the other side of the channel the shore was white with feeding gulls. An Otter brought it's kill ashore to eat less than fifteen metres from where I stood, then spooked when I made a noisy miscast. I looked up the deserted channel to see the first signs of the flooding tide along a view lined with Douglas Fir, Arbutus and Black Birch. For a few precious seconds my very soul held it's breath. Magical.

God bless British Columbia. Best place on the planet. I'm gone baby, solid gone.

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