Saturday, 2 May 2009

The pain of paperwork

One thing I absolutely hate is filling in forms. At the moment my annoyance quotient is being raised to artery endangering levels by the infinitesimal detail required by our immigration lawyers. They are asking for proof of employment in the form of payslips and tax receipts, contracts of employment, certificates of everything perhaps even down to being a milk monitor at primary school.

I have to find all this stuff they say, or it won't count on the immigration forms. Hells bells, I never kept track of all the many bits of paper documenting my somewhat eccentric career, all the in-house courses and all the stuff I did at evening classes. This has been a mistake. Yet none of it impacts on my ability or intelligence, as I am quite capable of undertaking quite a broad scope of tasks in a satisfactory manner without a piece of paper to say I can. My post secondary education has largely comprised of being handed the manual and told to 'get on with it'. Upon reflection, perhaps I ought to have learned to look more stupid or say 'no I can't' more often when given a task no one else seemed to be able (Or wanted) to do. My own 'can do' attitude in these instances seems to have largely worked against me, long-term.

No matter. Heads up and on the bounce, I will do or die in the attempt. Now where'd I put me pen?

As an aside, much mild snarkiness on the Malahat yesterday whilst taking Brother in Law to Victoria Airport. I am in outside lane, indicating right to pull out of the way of faster traffic when a Black Ford Ranger pickup with extended cab zips up the inside, causing me to swerve back into left hand lane. Several curse words later, an unmarked Police Ford Sedan coming downhill switches on the "blues and two's" and pulls a sharp U-turn in front of me and hares off after the offending Black pickup. Just under a kilometre later, Brother in law and I were amused to see Cop handing out a speeding ticket to the inconsiderate guy who had just inconvenienced us. On the way back from the airport, having just cleared the road works near the Malahat summit, same Cop was handing another ticket out to a minivan who had presumably been playing silly buggers. Later on towards home, there was an ordinary Police cruiser with all lights flashing, and yet another ticket being handed out. In a way I find that rather comforting.


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