Thursday, 8 July 2010

Off with their 'benefits'!

Seems to me that there are a whole heap of whiners, whingers and troublemakers who suck off the public teat, both here and in the UK.

Well, here's a solution; cut off the funding to NGO's and non-profits which provide no tangible benefit to the local community where they allegedly have their base. For example, purely political or religious advocacy. Why the hell such organisations should get public money when far more deserving causes have to scrimp and beg in public is, not simply baffling, but bloody annoying.

It occurs to even the meanest intelligence (Even mine) that we in the western world are to a certain extent the authors of our own misfortune allowing public money to fund religious, sexual or political advocacy groups. For my part, I would like to see all such activist groups of whatever denomination denied public funding. Religion, sex, and politics are private matters, and should therefore not receive monies from the public purse.

It is also with some satisfaction I see various 'pride' marches may be denied public funds. As a crusty old heterosexual I rather object to my tax dollars being given to causes inimical to my way of life. Whilst I have no prejudice about anyone else's sexuality, politics or religion, hey, it's your life; I do have serious objections about funding other peoples prejudices.

Pay your own way.

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