Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bubbling under

Ever since the Mt unpronounceable eruption in May, I've been watching the seismic situation in Iceland with some interest. Particularly the apparent swarm activity North East of Grimsey in the Tjörnes fracture zone. Now while I readily understand that seismic activity alone means nothing, one of the indicators for an eruption is a rapid shallowing of small earthquake events. Most of the small shocks in this small area have been down at the 10km+ level, bubbling around like an old fashioned coffee percolator. Today I noted two recent events specific to the area in question at the 1.1km level. Admittedly, the 'quality' of both events marked is less than ideal.

However, I'm intrigued. As I live in a volcanically active area and on clear days have a brilliant view of Mt Baker, I'm watching the Icelandic events closely to see what I can learn from the raw data.


Davek said...

Mr. Sticker - Discovered you through Englishman's Castle, and thought you might like to know of us -
- If you are ever in the area, we'd love to meet you.

Bill Sticker said...

All right. Next time I'm in Victoria I might sit in on one of your jaw sessions.

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